How this blog works

This blog is for the design conscious traveller who can't afford to have an average meal or a bad coffee. Every single recommendation appears here purely because we want you to experience its fabulousness. These finds come to you via our passion for travelling and our love of reading the hundreds of beautiful travel books and magazines we are soon to find ourselves buried beneath

We try to stick to three (3) recommendations per category : If you google where to go and what to do, there is too much information. We hope to be your one stop shop for the best of the best recommendations. Either print out the relevant city post or contact us for a personalised itinerary and we'll take all the confusion out of your holiday planning

The listings are coloured so you can easily identify what is nearby to your hotel or where you plan to spend your day : It helps you identify what other coll stuff is nearby, whether they are in the same postcode in London or in the same arondissment in Paris, you will be able to scope out the area by matching our recommendations by colour : this will help you explore your village and travel like a local : and will help you avoid wasting half a day travelling to see a single thing

Money can't (always) buy style. The ABH traveller chooses a hotel based on:

:: Location : one must be in the hip and happening districts and not have to schlep far for a decent espresso

:: Style : no 5* chintz here : you won't find big luxury chain hotels here, are recommendations are about the quirky finds, unique experiences and great design. We love the little details

$$ Affordability : rooms are almost always less than US$500 per night and often much less

If we mention it : it's a do not miss! If you have been somewhere a few times and the ususal tourists attractions have been done, let us know and we'll customise a truly interesting itinerery for you which allows you to explore on another level. Want to know where the coolest markets, galleries, vintage stores are? Just ask

The same goes for restaurants, the listings here aren't packed with Michelin stars (there might be a few twinkling around the place though), they are the cool bistros, the places the locals go for simple food or unbelievable flavours and great coffee

Valuable tips and tricks to ensure you have a relaxing trip and to minimise drama : things like get a visa and don't drink the water : very handy to know!

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  1. What a great idea!! And as with all your blogs, simply beautifully done! I love it already and will become a regular at this side - as I love nothing more than traveling (well, besides eating maybe)! We try to do something similar with our blog, sharing our experiences with where to eat at different places (I believe there's nothing worse than having an exciting trip and ending up with mediocre meals), but "Anywhere but here" just seems to have it all! Will become my fav travel guide for sure!